Q. What are the dates and times of the Mexico WindPower® 2021 Digital Congress? A. May 26 and 27, 2021 through our platform you can connect the days of the congress

Q. Is it open to the public? A. NO, Mexico WindPower® 2021 is a business event, all those industry professionals who have registered through our page can connect web: www.mexicowindpower.com.mx

Q. What is the cost of the Congress? A. This edition will not cost the congress, you just have to register to access the digital platform.

Q. Is registration allowed for students? A. Registration is for people over 21 years of age.

Q. How could I enter the digital platform of the congress? A. You will be sent your link to the digital platform a few days before the congress.

Q. Where can I consult the program? A. You can consult the program at: mexicowindpower.com.mx/2021/en/congress

Q. Who are the speakers? A. Learn more about the speakers at: mexicowindpower.com.mx/2021/en/congress