Would you like to contribute in a more sustainable with Informa Markets? Check out our catalog of reusable booths that stand out for their positive impact: reuse of 80% of materials, 87% reduction of CO2 emissions, ecological carpets, easy assembly and disassembly, reduced costs, carbon footprint offsetting, etc.

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At Informa Markets we are committed to integrating sustainability into all our daily actions and strategies.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented the Faster Forward program, which focuses on three fundamental pillars: Faster to Zero, Sustainability Inside and Impact Multiplier, with many activities that include our business operations, brands, products and our impact on the community.

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Informa Markets is committed to contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For this reason, a series of initiatives have been implemented to act in a coherent manner on the following fronts:

Equal participation of women in the industry

Increased job opportunities in the industry

Content related to sustainable infrastructure processes in industry

Accessibility to vulnerable people and minorities

Action in recycling, separation of generated waste

Responsible choice of furniture and reuse of materials


  • When talking to exhibiting companies, be sure to ask about the sustainability credentials of their products and business processes.
  • Instead of throwing away your badge at the end of the event, drop it in one of the recycling baskets.
  • Consider arranging your transportation to the event by carpooling or using public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Avoid using single use products.
  • Take advantage of waste recycling opportunities available on site.
  • Accept only gifts or handouts that you actually need and plan to use.
  • Participate in initiatives and conversations scheduled during the event to facilitate and inspire sustainable development in the industry.
  • Make sure your booth is designed to be reused at future events and can be easily dismantled and recycled.
  • Try to consolidate your shipments and choose logistics companies with good sustainability credentials to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Opt for digital brochures and purchase recycled and certified materials to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Use energy-efficient LED lighting and turn off equipment at the end of the day to save energy.
  • Consider the quantity and environmental credentials of the promotional gifts you purchase, as well as their long-term usefulness.
  • Support the sustainability of the region by using local suppliers and local products.
  • Be part of initiatives and conversations about sustainable development in the industry during the event.
  • Promote your company's sustainability credentials and products to inspire sustainable development in your industry.
  • Ensure that you and your contractor comply with all health, safety and security requirements.
  • Separate and sort your organic and residual waste to facilitate recycling.
  • Reduce the use of plastic products and opt for sustainable alternatives.
  • Buy products in bulk and choose local options whenever possible.
  • Choose organic products and those with the recycling symbol on the packaging.
  • Conserve and save water whenever possible.
  • Remember that every action counts, no matter how small.